First Blog Post

Megan Carter   -  

Hey there! Welcome to the launch of my blog Real Talk with Megan!

My name is Megan Carter and I am the Digital Engagement Pastor at Church Anywhere. Now you may be wondering what does my title even means. Well, that is a great question, I’ll give you the short answer but in the coming weeks, you will hear more about what I do. The short answer, I work with our Church Anywhere team to help people find and follow Jesus on digital platforms. I told you it would be a short answer. Haha. 

Why I started this blog

This blog was created to share real-life stories anything from parenting hacks or what to do if your spouse squeezes the toothpaste from the middle instead of the end (I mean come on, doesn’t my husband know that is the best way to get toothpaste out) to dealing with anxiety and depression. Those are just my stories. I will also be sitting down with some awesome friends and share their stories. Seriously, I have some amazing friends that have gone through some crazy experiences and I can’t wait to share their stories with you!

The real me

You already know my name and job title, even though you may not really understand what I do. I’m also a wife to my awesome husband Ty ( yes the guy who squeezes the toothpaste from the middle), I have two beautiful daughters (5 & 8) and my hobbies include but are not limited to baking, photography, hiking & playing tennis. I graduated from Central Bible College with a degree in Contemporary Worship Leadership. I have been on staff at a few churches as their worship pastor and/or student worship pastor. I love playing and singing worship music. We covered “The Blessing” by Elevation Worship just a few weeks ago with our Church Anywhere staff. You can check it out

The journey 

It’s surreal that I’m even writing this right now because if you have ever met me in person you might notice that I am pretty quiet. Now that’s not because I don’t like to talk much, get me one on one and I can hold my own, well most of the time. I’m an enneagram type 1, the perfectionist. Enneagram is a personality test that I love because for me it hit the nail on the head. As a 1 I don’t like for anyone to see me as not perfect. I do realize that no one is perfect, but if I could make it seem as I am, I would give the illusion that there is nothing wrong in my life. This is why my writing this blog is surreal, I am going to do the exact opposite of what my mind is telling me. I am opening up about things that have happened in my life that I haven’t really shared with anyone and being vulnerable with you. So here we go on a journey together.