“Busy” is the new “I’m fine”

Megan Carter   -  

I started baking when my first daughter turned one because we didn’t have a lot of money. So to save money I thought “I can make those cakes I see on Pinterest.” My first attempts were not the best, to be honest, it was bad, the tiers were tilted because it was two tiered and I had no idea that I needed to add support into the cake layers. And I’m pretty sure the icing was sliding off along with the all the sprinkles I had around the bottom tier. I really wish I could find a picture because I cannot describe it enough for you to understand the failure it really was. On the bright side, my daughter was one and will never remember that cake, even if I do. After lots of practice and watching a ridiculous amount of Youtube videos I started to improve my decorating skills. That was until the day I made my daughter’s third birthday cake. I decided to be ambitious and try to use fondant just for part of the cake. I do have a picture of this cake. Here it is.

At the time I was a stay at home mom and I was always looking for extra things that could give me a little spending money. The first time someone asked me to make a cake for them I was so nervous. They loved it and said it tasted even better! That was such a relief and that started my side business of making cakes and sweet treats for parties and special occasions. I really enjoyed baking cakes for people up until 6 months ago. Now don’t get me wrong I still enjoy baking and it really is a stress reliever for me. I know that’s unusual for some people. But lately, it has been more of a burden than a blessing. I have been slammed with all my different jobs. As I have mentioned before I work part-time for the church I also had this at-home bakery,  I shoot photography on the side and for a while, I taught a weight lifting class at the YMCA. Not to mention I’m a mom to 2 girls, a wife, and I help clean my grandma’s house every other week. I think that’s everything, but I feel like i’m missing something, but you get the gist. 

I’m busy, to say the least. That’s the world we live in today, isn’t it? Everyone is so busy.  We are always rushing from one place to another. But these last few months, that has changed hasn’t it? It has caused us to slow down. In the words of my oldest daughter “Mom, I don’t really like the sickness, but one thing I do like is getting to spend all this extra time with my family.” {I’m not crying, you’re crying.} As I reevaluated all the “jobs” I had been doing I looked deeper into what brings me joy. You know what I found out. Baking for everyone else wasn’t bringing me joy. So with everything inside of me I made a post letting everyone know that for the time being, I will not be baking for others besides my immediate family. I paused for a moment before I hit post because the fear of disappointing anyone came rushing over me. I took a deep breath, pushed those feeling aside, and hit post. You know what my world didn’t come crashing down and no one was mad about. So for now I will take the time I would have spent baking to be with my family and I’m really excited about it!

I say all of this to remind you to reevaluate your life every so often. What brings you joy and what is just keeping you busy. Let’s not be just ok with being busy. Make everyday count because you will never get today again. If you have kids think about this too. “You have 6,570 days from the day your child is born to the day they turn 18. Enjoy every moment and season that you have with your child.” This quote is from Parenting Anywhere. Parenting Anywhere is a resource on Facebook and Instagram that was put there to encourage you to become the parent God wants you to be! You can check it out in the links below. Facebook @ParentingAnywhere and on Instagram @parentinganywhere

As always if you need someone to talk to or pray with you email me at megan@churchanywhere.us 

Talk to you next Monday!

{Below are a few of the cakes I have personally made.}