Gratitude challenge

Megan Carter   -  

Do you ever struggle to see the good in life? 2020 was that way for a lot of people and If I stayed focused on the negative I wouldn’t be grateful for what I do have and honestly what I have because of the events that have happened last year. If you want to read my list of good things that happened last year go back a few posts to Happy New Year, my list is there. 

I’m a pretty positive person and I try to see the positive in everything. At times that may annoy my husband because even when someone drives a certain way that he is not fond of, like someone driving slow, I say “well maybe that person”….(fill in the blank here). But usually, I give them the benefit of the doubt. Last year I struggled with always seeing the positive but by the end of the year, I had returned myself to that headspace and positive thinking. Yes, I may still give other drivers the benefit of the doubt and also I may express those thoughts to my husband when he is driving, but I think deep down he may like me more with a positive attitude and not a negative one. 

Here’s the thing: it’s easy to be negative because honestly, the whole world around us is most of the time. It’s a much harder thing to be positive in a negative world, but I guarantee it will make you a happier person. So I want to start a new challenge and maybe you have done this before, but I challenge you to the gratitude challenge.

I want you to get a notebook or open a new note on your phone. I just prefer to write it down on actual paper, there is something more meaningful to me writing it on actual paper and not my phone or computer. So whatever you choose, every morning I want you to write three things you are grateful for or thankful for. Here are some examples, 1. I’m thankful for my husband doing the dishes last night. (btw this really happened and It would be number one on my list for sure. We all hate doing the dishes.) 2. I’m grateful for a great school that my kids attend and their teachers who are making huge efforts to create a fun and learning environment through this pandemic. 3. I’m grateful for COFFEE. There you have it three things. Your list can be deep or it can be filled with items like coffee or sweatpants. The point is you want to get into a habit of seeing the things around you that you are thankful for and not taking them for granted. 

I pray that this blog today was an encouragement to you and can help in your daily life. Always know I am available to pray with you or just be someone to talk to when life gets hard. E-mail me at if you need prayer! 

Talk to you next Monday!