My dad is cooler than your dad.

Megan Carter   -  

Let me tell you about the best dad in the world. (Disclaimer- I think my husband is a freaking awesome dad to our girls but he’s not my dad. Yeah, that would be weird… OK… moving on…)

In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to write this blog about my dad. Yes, I might be biased and you may be reading this thinking to yourself “you’re crazy, my dad is obviously the best” and you are entitled to your opinion but I don’t think you can change my mind on this.

Ok even if you think your dad is cooler than any other dad keep reading I want you to hear something special.

My dad is in the picture at the top of this blog and he is super intelligent and hysterical. I meant for example once he made me laugh so hard that milk came out of my nose. If this has never happened to you. Let’s just say it burns and after the laughing, there is pain. There are many moments like this and then there are his puns (which have rubbed off on me.) if you ever say you need to run to the store real quick. Do you know what our response will be? Wouldn’t it be easier to drive than run? 🤣🤣🤣. If we are in the same room and my mom mentioned something like this. I’m pretty sure we talk in sync in our responses.

It is very apparent that I act like both my parents and as I get older. I am turning into my mom more and I’m not mad about it because she is pretty awesome, but I am also a lot like my dad in the fact that we are both perfectionists and we are on the quieter side. We sit back and assess each situation and even though we may not speak a lot when we do, it is something worth saying.

Now that I am a mom of two girls I want them to have the princess treatment just like my dad gave me. It is a yearly tradition that my husband takes our girls out on daddy-daughter dates. The girls get to go separately and choose where they want to go. He shows them how they should be treated and to expect nothing less than princess treatment in any guy that wants to date you. This idea stems from my own experiences. My dad would take me on daddy-daughter dates. We would go to a fun restaurant but what I remember the most is the time we had to stop for gas on our way there and my dad went inside to pay, when he came back out he had a rose for me. I felt so special and it just topped off the night. He taught me how to value myself and that no one was worthy to date me unless they could treat me with the same respect he did. Obviously, it worked because I married the most caring and loving person. 

Another quick story real quick. One day my dad was outside working. Honestly, I don’t remember exactly what he was doing but I do remember it involved a wheelbarrow. Why do I remember this specifically? You may ask. I remember because I came out to ask him if we could go somewhere. Now I meant after he was finished with whatever he was doing, I was just planning ahead. But being the awesome father he was, he dropped the wheelbarrow that was in his hands. If anything was inside of said wheelbarrow it was no longer in it. Everything would have dumped out as the wheelbarrow fell over on its side. And my dad looked at me and said “Let’s go now.” meaning he would drop whatever he was doing to spend time with me. I stood there stunned and then I realized he was kind of joking and we both got a good laugh.  No matter if this was meant to be a joke or not, it would have been something he would have done.

Throughout these examples and I could share many other stories with you my dad has shown me just a glimpse of how our heavenly father loves me. If you didn’t have this example growing up look in scripture and you can see just how much he loves you. Just like my dad threw down the wheelbarrow, God will absolutely stop and listen to you, in fact, He desires to hear from you. So I want to encourage you today to take a few moments wherever you are and stop what you are doing, speak to God and sit in the stillness to listen to what He has to say to you. You might just be surprised to hear what he says. I know he would say “I love you.” because he showed that love when Jesus died on the cross. 

I pray that this blog today was an encouragement to you and can help in your daily life. Always know I am available to pray with you or just be someone to talk to when life gets hard. E-mail me at if you need prayer! 

Talk to you next Monday!