33 Years. 

Megan Carter   -  

My birthday was last week and I was thinking that I have learned a lot in the past 33 years. It’s hard to believe that I am now 33 and to see how much God has worked in my life. So today I wanted to share 33 things I have learned! (in no particular order)

  1. Coffee is always a good idea. 
  2. My parents did more for me than I realized growing up.
  3. Your body cracks like a glow stick after you hit 30 and it’s disappointing that I’m not glowing.
  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  5. There is no shame in falling asleep before 10 pm
  6. Take time each day to think of things you are grateful for
  7. Be positive. There is too much negativity in the world already. 
  8. Being open-minded to others will take you a long way
  9. Health is not just about what you eat but it is mental along with physical
  1. Jumping on a trampoline is never a good idea after having kids. Neither is sneezing… 
  2. Be present with those around you. PUT THE PHONE DOWN! It’s not as important as a real relationship. 
  3. Go on a hike and enjoy God’s creation
  4. I am not the only one struggling with anxiety
  5. Ask the questions and speak up when you don’t understand
  6. Do what makes YOU happy. Don’t let others control your happiness.
  7. What trolls on the internet say don’t define you.
  8. You are not going to please everyone. You have to be ok with that. 
  9. Even though the world says you might be an adult at 18 still at 33 I need tricks for “adulting” 
  10. You can have bad days and still be a good mom!
  11. There is no shame in seeing a counselor or taking medicine to help with imbalances  
  12. You will say the most unexpected things to your kids. “Hulk has a bedtime too.” is something I never imagined I would say to my girls. 
  13. Take your kids on experiences and get them outside. They don’t always need the newest things. 
  14. Know when you keep your mouth shut. Choose your battles wisely.
  15. Take candid pictures of your spouse with your kids unexpectedly. Remember the moments no matter how messy the house is. 
  16. Grief is not a one-time occurrence. It comes in waves. 
  17. Asking for help is really hard, but It will make your life so much better.
  18. I have a strange love for putting furniture together and people look at me really strange when I share this information. 
  19. Take everything with a grain of salt and do the research. 
  20. Just because you’re offended by something somebody did or said doesn’t mean you are right. This might be the time to look within, especially if you are constantly offended by the same things.
  21. Don’t search online if you are feeling sick. Every time it will tell you, you’re dying. 
  22. Not everyone is going to like you. Instead of wondering why, keep in mind that maybe they dislike you because of the way so many others like, love, and respect you.
  23. It’s ok to not be ok. But it’s not ok to stay there. 
  24. Don’t focus on the things you cannot change. Focus on the things you can.

I pray that this blog today was an encouragement to you and can help in your daily life. Always know I am available to pray with you or just be someone to talk to when life gets hard. E-mail me at megan@churchanywhere.us if you need prayer! 

Talk to you next Monday!