Ok, so this might be just a little strange for a blog post but I want to start off a little different than I have in the past. I want you to stop and think about a dream you have, like what is a big dream that you would love to accomplish and be successful at? It may be writing a book, maybe opening a small business. It may be becoming a musician or a singer, it may be wanting to be a doctor or a veterinarian, it doesn’t matter what that dream is but it’s huge to you. Now, do you have that in your mind? Good.

 What’s stopping you? What’s stopping you from accomplishing that big dream? Now I know there’s some of you out there probably reading this and you are on the way to accomplishing and becoming successful in your dream and I have to say “GO YOU!” because that is awesome, but unfortunately, there are a lot of us out there who struggle with being successful or even trying to step out of our comfort zones to do something that we have dreamed about time and time again.

 I think something that stops us and we need to break up with is the scarcity mindset. The scarcity mindset stops us from doing something we’ve dreamed of because we see someone else is doing it. Why do we think that just because someone else is making candles, I can’t make candles? Or someone else wrote a book, so I can’t write a book. Why do we put those things in our minds? I mean seriously, if we really think about how many candlemakers and authors are out there and that have done it and done it successfully. If everyone conformed to the scarcity thought process we wouldn’t have the variety and I think life would be pretty boring. 

Break that word down. ‘Scarcity’ Do you see it? {SCAR – CITY} When we are in this mindset we are creating a city of scars in our mind from our thoughts or even the words that have been spoken over us. 

I am writing to you today and I am talking to myself, there have been so many times in my personal life that I have stopped doing something because well, I thought someone else is already doing it and doing it well. We have to stop looking at others and especially as women we have to stop looking at other women and comparing. We can support each other and not have to feel the need to compete against each other and we can all still have successful businesses, lives,  and careers.

One of my favorite people and my best friend, Abby, has this mindset figured out. I have learned so much from her and there have been many times that I’ve heard her say, almost these exact words, “just because somebody else is doing it next door, doesn’t mean that they are my competition.” We all need to have that mindset, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big goal or a small goal. If we can get past the scarcity mindset that keeps bringing us down and making us feel defeated before we even start, we would be able to break past a lot of negativity in our life.

So what do we do to replace that negativity? We need to replace it with the thought of abundance. In the mindset of abundance, we realize that, yes, someone else is doing the same thing and that’s OK because we can both be successful. It’s the idea of running parallel to each other; it’s not a competition with each other. 

So how are you going to implement this into your life and how are you going to remove the scarcity mindset and replace it with an abundance mindset. Anytime those scarcity thoughts fly and flood into your thought process, stop, redirect yourself and replace those negative thoughts with thoughts of abundance. That is going to look different for everyone, so I would encourage you to write down the negative thoughts, the lie. Then next to the lie write what the truth is. The lie- “I am limited because I know someone already doing (fill in the blank). The truth- “I can be genuinely happy for them and still be successful” 

As you continue to do this time after time and time again, I believe that you will see an obvious difference in your mindset, in the way you speak, in the way you interact with others. It’s taking me a while to get to this point, but now I find so much joy in other women’s success. So kick the scarcity mindset to the curb and don’t look back! 

I pray that this blog today was an encouragement to you and can help in your daily life. Always know I am available to pray with you or just be someone to talk to when life gets hard. E-mail me at megan@churchanywhere.us if you need prayer! 

Talk to you next Monday!