Everybody is part of one grand story, and it breaks down into three different sections & everybody falls into one of these different sections. 

You have the pre-Jesus section, then you have a Jesus encounter, and finally you have the post-Jesus section of your story. No matter where you’re at, if you’ve been a believer for a hundred years or if you’ve been a believer for a very little amount of time, you’re in this story in some aspect. 

When Jesus was on earth, He was the first human being ever to have the Holy Spirit living within him. We’ve seen the Holy Spirit all throughout the Old Testament – it was in the burning bush, we saw it at work from the very beginning in creation, and we see people who have the Spirit upon them throughout scriptures but not dwelling within them. 

Until the day that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, the Spirit had never dwelled within a person before and now, for the very first time when Jesus said things like the Kingdom of Heaven is near, it made sense because the Spirit was living within Him. He was the embodiment of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Through our high priest, our King Jesus and His sacrifice, that same spirit that dwelled within him, that raised him from the dead now lives within you as you outwardly tell your story. We proclaim the one who brought us out of darkness into light. Do you see what you’re doing for those who are unbelievers? You are now bringing the Kingdom to them. You get the honor of being set apart to bring the Kingdom of Heaven here to those that don’t know Jesus.

That’s why your story is so important, and why your testimony paired with the blood of the Lamb is enough to defeat the enemy that we read about in Revelation.

You are part of a priesthood set apart to proclaim, to declare, to tell about the one who brought you out of darkness!

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