In the stillness of soul’s darkest night, the story of redemption, a story of eternal life. See, Jesus name was whispered in the cracks of history. In moments of doubt where darkness lies, he walked beside of us. He heard us, he heard our misery. He alone would be the great sacrifice. Born in a stable, a manger for a bed, he was wrapped in swaddling clothes where animals were fed. And his birth was heralded in by angels in the night. But it guided generation after generation from darkness into light. He healed the sick. He gave sight to the blind with boundless grace to sin. He was completely resigned. And yet darkness lurked in the shadows, deep whispers of betrayal, where secrets see, Judas was to blame. But if you stop and think, isn’t it, isn’t it I who betrays him? Isn’t it I who makes him weep? See, there’s this juxtaposition between grace and truth, where in this story, I’m both the villain and the one that the hero wouldn’t lose. Can you see it? Let me tell you what happens next. They mock him, they scourge him. They put a crown of thorns on his head, and he bears it all with a heart filled with love. To Calvary’s hill. They lead him away, bearing the weight of the world on the ultimate world changing day. Can you see it? Let me tell you what happens next. They take him and they nail him to a cross, this perfect, sinless, spotless image of God, this sacrifice. They nail him to a cross and he hangs there in despair. As crowds jeer and mock, their hearts are unaware. And he yells out, father, forgive them. His voice pierces the air, for in his dying breath, redemption was right there. Can you see it? Let me tell you what happens next. The earth, it starts to shake. The day, it turns into night as the son of God breathes his very last breath. It was our sin. It was our shame. It was our cross to bear. It was our grave. No, it was God’s grace. Can you see it? Let me tell you what happens next. They lead him to a tomb so cold, yet his love for sinners could not be controlled. For the broken, the lost, the weak, the ones who wander, the ones who seek, in the shadows of all of their fears and the weight of their guilt and their tears, they find redemption right here. Can you see it? Let me tell you what happens next. There he is. He’s in a tomb. All hope from the beginning of time is lost right there. In the blink of an eye. Our sin created a debt that we could not pay. But that was Friday and praise God, Sunday was coming. Let me tell you what happens next. Now Jesus reigns upon the throne. All heaven sings to him alone and we watch and wait like a bride for a groom. O church, arise. He’s coming soon.